Culturally Competent Practice in Social Work and Counselling

Counsellor with client

Who Should Attend

  • Social workers, counsellors and other support staff working with migrant and refugee clients
  • Case managers and case workers undertaking client assessments, developing case plans and making supported referrals
  • Service providers who review clinical practice to implement culturally inclusive intake assessments and case plans for their CALD clients

Topics Covered

  • Theories and frameworks that support cultural difference and intersectionality of identity in the planning and delivery of support services
  • Benchmarks for cultural competence in intake assessments and in developing case plans
  • Engaging with CALD clients in cross cultural communication for effective social work and counselling practice

Training Outcomes

  • Knowledge and skills in undertaking culturally competent assessments
  • Skills to work with clients by incorporating their cultural nuances and needs in case management
  • Skills to develop and progress culturally inclusive case plans
  • Knowledge and skills to incorporate cultural theories and narrative theories in a counselling setting
  • Cross cultural communication skills to support effective counselling and social work practice with CALD clients